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We develop technology for data aggregation, assistive workflow, fast system customization for decision optimization and performance analytics. Clients experience excellent results through our platform of 45+ modules including pre-developed applications, process flows, custom fields and workflow and industry KPIs and performance benchmarking tools. Clients can expect continued process efficiency through modern analytics, financial modeling, blended data, and 30 years of decision science expertise.  

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Our Advanced Analytics Engine is included in all of our enterprise systems. We populate your company’s financial, vendor, compliance, sales and-or revenue and expense data into our pre-built analytics and self-service platform. Clients are enabled to produce performance analytics, corporate, financial, board or investor reporting packages in a hosted role-based platform.  Using complex financial models, modern analytics or machine learning we deliver the analytics capabilities and subject matter expertise your company needs to become and remain competitive.

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Data Visualization

Mined Systems’ Integrated Dashboards, Dynamic Reporting and Analytics will turn your data into a visual representation of your company’s business. Many clients have data stored in multiple systems, sources internal and third party; Mined Systems will  integrate that data so your vendor, financial and other data can be  reporting and KPIs will shorten your decision-making timeline. The details we drill down to will help chart the  measurable action steps that will improve your sales team’s, investment team’s or company’s performance and financial success. 

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Performance Impact

Benchmarking, monitoring and measuring performance is key to achieving financial goals. Performance analysis provides insights for risk and financial management to create sustainable revenue. Mined Systems’ clients understand their risks and opportunities and through our analytics and insights we enable Vendor Management, Customizable Testing and Examinations, Sales Performance, Asset Management and other mission-critical data under a Strategic Corporate Performance Management and a strong capabilities and growth model for our clients. 

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The Mined Systems team produces powerful software and analytics to increase sales, marketing, operational and in all cases financial performance. Our products identify processing gaps to pinpoint risk and inefficiency and utilize our custom scorecards to quickly indicate excellence, leaders and challenges.  Our modules and systems are delivered in our patented Platform as a Service offering or bolted on to a client’s existing system to optimize its performance.

Since 2011 we’ve developed more than 50 financially-focussed software, business intelligence, predictive and performance analytics applications that clients can select from to quickly “assemble” the exact system that meets their needs.  Some of our clients to operate a specific functional area such as corporate compliance, whereas other clients utilize Mined Systems to manage the sales, operations and financial performance of their entire company.

In addition to our high security data centers, all of our applications provide role and permission-based security and privacy, Mined Systems’ analytics engine and a selection of pre-written and customized reports and analysis products based on our team’s knowledge and industry best practices in financial and sales verticals.  Our software includes many team collaboration tools, management controls, and delegation of authorization, administrate and approval engines to empower teams and processes for greater efficiency.  We specialize in seamlessly connecting clients with multiple geographic facilities into a singly environment with high speed processing and unified reporting and analysis.

Mined Systems designs our software and analytics to integrate with most any database, data layout, and integration level including data upload, Secure FTP and API connectivity.  We’ve been operating successfully since 2011 and are proud to work with some of the largest and most prestigious clients and business partners in the financial services, compliance, credit and sales industries. Our cloud-based products assist clients in quickly and dramatically visualizing their internal and client data to create competitive advantages and increase their ROI.  Learn more about our enterprise applications, fast system assembly and competitive pricing by contacting us at 844.346.4633


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