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Our Leadership


Paula Darling

Co-Founder,  President, and Chief Executive Officer

Mined Systems Inc.

Paula Darling is President and CEO of Mined Systems Inc. and Professor of Applied Analytics at Columbia University, New York City.  Paula’s expertise is in statistics, quantitative analysis, and business analytics. During the past eight years, Paula has developed the company’s business analytics suite to provide clients with benchmarks, measurements and stretch goals that increase revenue, promote organizational effectiveness, and automate processes to achieve competitive advantages and increased market share.

Through Paula’s leadership, each client receives the exact combination of process, analytics, algorithms, and performance solutions to optimize revenue and retain customers.  Mined Systems outpaces other analytics companies due to the breadth of product offerings like custom scorecards, machine learning applications, and artificial intelligence in market sectors such as sales training. Personized attention, and focused decision applications that increase sales, revenue, and lower risk, is what sets Mined Systems apart.

Paula’s industry expertise is in Higher Education Finance, Consumer Lending, Credit and Sales Management, and Risk Management.  Before Mined Systems, Paula was Chief Operating Officer at EduCap, Senior VP of Risk at Servus Financial Corp., and Vice President of Acquisitions and Due Diligence for GE Capital. She holds certification in Strategic Management Reporting from Cornell University, an MBA from Averett College, and a Bachelors degree from Auburn University.

At Columbia University, Paula is Professor of Applied Analytics and teaches Columbia’s capstone course. This is the final course in the graduate program and culminates the student’s academic experience prior to earning their Master’s Degree. Paula’s corporate business experience, consulting expertise, and her coaching-professor approach prepares these highly-qualified students to begin competitive careers while remaining committed to making a positive impact on business, the economy, and society.   



Frank Garza

Co-Founder, Chief Economist, and Chairman

Mined Systems Inc. 

Frank has leveraged his 30+ years of experience in business; commencing with his collegiate graduation, he advanced within 6 months to owning and operating a very successful and multi-state, small business accounting and taxation firm.  It is from these grass roots of savvy small business ingenuity and competitive fire, that he advanced his knowledge with international telecommunications projects and investments which lead to the first ever international ‘Digital City’ project and grew onward to real estate development, sports management, and technology software companies.   

Frank also is an owner in a global sales, management, and leadership training corporation, responsible for training the top technology companies; SFDC, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Dropbox, Telecom Italia, among others, and has developed an approach that combines intangible skills, market conceptualization, with econometrics and software, resulting in evidentiary based success that is irrefutable, and globally scalable. 

As Co-Founder, Chief Economist, and Chairman of the Board of Mined Systems, Frank’s invaluable insights and life-long dedication to technology and innovation are among the cornerstones of Mined System’s success. In addition to his keen business acumen, Frank was a collegiate Academic All American, Captain, Most Valuable Player at University of Idaho Men’s basketball Team where he earned his degree in Economics and represented the school as a top candidate for the coveted Rhodes Scholar program.   

Frank is a noted trumpet player and sits on the board of several non-profit corporations and is a co-founder of the Big Island Sports Academy, a 501(c) (3), devoted to helping disadvantaged youth with opportunities to advance as scholar-athletes.  



Andrew Darling

Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer

Mined Systems Inc.

Andrew Darling has 30 plus years of experience in enterprise systems architecture, software development, and program management.  As Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, Andrew brings his vast technology expertise to Mined Systems and its clients.  Andrew architected, designed and built the flexible and robust Mined Systems platform and its horizontal and vertical integration modules to accommodate client connectivity, security and privacy, data governance, and data warehousing for each of the company’s clients and industry offerings. 

Working with the Mined Systems development team and specialists from Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Watson, and security and privacy professions in both the federal and commercial spaces, Mined Systems integrates seamlessly through APIs or Secure FTP to various client platforms, data formats, and web applications.

Andrew served 13 years in the United States Marine Corps as an officer and was awarded two Navy Achievement Medals for Supply Account technology automation at Marine Corps bases in Quantico, Virginia and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Then, Andrew managed major systems development projects with the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Marshal Service, NASA, and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Andrew is also a Business Technology Professor at Marymount University, where for 17 years he has made a significant contribution to helping thousands of undergraduate and master’s degree students become the next generation of rising business professionals.  Andrew holds a Masters of Science in Information Technology from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors degree from Auburn University. 


Delivering exactly the right analytics for informed decisions.

Mined Systems’ client base consists of enterprise corporations from financial services, sales and sales management, higher education, compliance, and accounts receivables management.  Each Mined Systems offering has something in common – better performance, or, Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Mined Systems’ applications and modules are delivered as Software as a Service and easily integrate into any existing platform. Applications provide role and permission-based security, a super-fast analytics engine, and a client-customized selection of customized reports, analytics and performance tools. We incorporate subject knowledge and industry best practices into our applications including collaboration tools, management controls, the delegation of authorization, administrate and approval engines, and process design for greater efficiency.




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