About Mined Systems

Mined Systems is an award-nominated leader in the financial services and technology industries, generating analytics for the credit, lending, and accounts receivable processes for all asset classes. Mined Systems (“MSI”) has direct experience in due diligence, managing assets and connecting the operating systems to report information, analyze performance details and construct optimization algorithms.


    The qualifications and skill sets held by the Mined Systems team are:

  • Reporting, Analytics, Performance and Predictive Analysis, and Scorecard Development;
  • Due Diligence and Project Management;
  • Development, Databases, Warehousing, and Systems Integration;
  • Risk Management, Credit and Decisioning, Fraud Detection and Regulatory Compliance;
  • Default Management, Legal Management, and Legal Network;
  • Financial and Sales Management, Pipeline and Sales Performance;
  • Customer Service, Helpdesk and Technical Training;
  • BPR, Process Automation and Decision Systems; and
  • Technology Security, IT Risk, Development, Hardware and Cloud, Saas and PaaS Systems

MSI’s value proposition is cost effective process automation, speed to launch, continuous performance measurement; user simplicity, and client value. The company’s client base is a mix of Enterprise Corporations and SMBs. Clients include financial services firms, law firms, colleges and universities, collection agencies, sales organizations, non-profits and professional associations. Each of MSI’s offerings has something in common – improving performance

Mined Systems’ modules and systems are delivered in a patent-pending Platform as a Service offering in high-security data centers. Each application provides role and permission-based security and privacy, a super-fast analytics engine and a selection of pre-written and/or customized reports. We incorporate knowledge and industry best practices into MSI software which includes team collaboration tools, management controls, the delegation of authorization, administrate and approval engines to empower teams and processes for greater efficiency. 

Working with many companies, leaders, clients, and challenging projects has provided an exceptional base of valuable experience. At Mined Systems, we listen to our clients, think about the best way to approach their business challenges and meet objectives. We find new, innovative ways to resolve client issues using technology for processing information, providing faster decisions and offering specific action steps for implementation. 

MSI partners with some of the largest and most prestigious clients and business partners in the financial services, education, compliance, credit, and sales industries.

Learn more about our enterprise applications with fast system assembly:  844.346.4633