Case Studies

Mined Systems Consultants are subject matter experts with industry leadership roles in the business disciplines represented by our company. The majority of our consulting is performed in the Accounts Receivable, Corporate Performance Management and Sales Performance areas. We use Business Analytics and Quantitative Methodologies, Gap Analysis, and Process Automation to help our clients move away from expensive manual process to streamlined automation which saves thousands of dollars in recurring expense, significantly decreases process timelines and reduces error rates.

We begin consulting engagements by listening to and understanding our client’s concerns, determining their goals and objectives, leveraging a client’s own business data for exploration of problematic risk areas and performing a process review.  Before we assemble an application we make sure clients want to move forward.  Then, with client concurrence,  design an application that meets client goals for process, data collection, analytics and quantification of financial classifications. Mined Systems embeds Business Intelligence into software, strategy and decision-making processes to provide competitive advantages, differentiation, knowledge, cost management and continual performance analysis for clients.

Examples of recent consulting projects include:

  • Data-driven portfolio purchase decisions
  • Custom automation of repeatable client processing
  • Optimization of processes to reduce associated expenses
  • Data-based investment pricing structures
  • Accounts receivable process optimization and dynamic analytics
  • Achieving operational efficiency through dynamic metrics

Mined Systems Consulting launches our analytics engine to capture data and measure ongoing performance to enhance productivity, efficiency, and decision-making abilities. We infuse actionable, accurate and timely information in dashboards to make it easy to control workflows and monitor, analyze and improve financial results.


Case Study One

Strategic Performance Management

Business leaders strive to produce the highest profits at the lowest expense.  Quality is critical.  This case study describes how businesses can be productive, efficient and more financially successful through optimization of existing resources.

Performance Management

Case Study Two

Performance Software Solutions

Having the right tools in place makes measuring the performance of teams, sales, and business goals simple. This case study describes how businesses can use MSI software to increase productivity, increase the precision of purchases, pricing and improving the ROI of investments of time, money, and resources.  

Performance Software