Financial  Services Offerings

Mined Systems Financial Services begins with due diligence reviews for clients in the areas of credit and lending, technology, PCI-DSS, financial compliance, litigation, contract compliance and operational risk. With greater than 50 years of expertise in lending, servicing, collections, claims processing, vendor, securitization, IT Security, and Regulatory Compliance, Mined Systems performs the full range of due diligence engagements.  

From pre-audit assessments, full acquisitions due diligence, document review, to corporate process reviews, MSI can engage in on-site and online projects. In addition, MSI performs mitigation services where Additional Controls, System Enhancements or Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is necessary to meet regulatory requirements.  

Project Examples Include:

  • Master Servicer for Data Warehousing, Retention, and Reporting;
  • Credit review and custom scorecards;
  • Accounts Receivable Management;
  • Collections Management;
  • IT, Privacy and Security;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • SAM and Licensure;
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Accounts Receivable and Payment Processing;
  • Internal Operations Process Workflows;
  • Claims Processing;
  • Investor Reporting;
  • Securitization Servicing;
  • Bond Indenture Review and Controls;
  • Fraud Identification, Controls, and Processing;
  • Third Party Loss Mitigation and Legal Collections;
  • Debt Buyer Purchase and Sale Due diligence.
  • Vendor Management and Reporting;
  • Compliance Systems (CMS);
  • Data Security Assessments; and
  • Implementation of Data Access, Privacy, and Security tools.