Mined Systems’ Platform

Mined Systems’ platform of pre-developed Modules and Customizable Fields and Workflow enables clients to assemble a “Custom” solution to meet their exact business requirements. And as those needs change over time, clients can add or modify your solution with additional MSI modules. Each of our 40+ Modules and Tools will integrate seamlessly so your data can work harder for your company. External data can be added to further enhance reporting and analysis. 

Mined Systems consolidates internal and third-party client data, regardless of vendor or location, into a single Client Data Warehouse to enable beginning to end reporting.  Analytics become more robust and informative with multidimensional, hierarchical reporting from multiple data sources. Add self-service features like online exam creation, surveys, or policies and procedures with e-signature and acknowledgments to our email campaign tool to disseminate information to field representatives or to clients for a fully automated solution.

Add self-service features like online exams,  surveys, policies and procedures with e-signature, email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing. Or, let the email campaign capability distribute important information to staff members, clients, vendors or field representatives for a fully automated solution.