Predictive Analytics and Models

Predictive Analytics and Models

Mined Systems’ objective is to help our clients make smarter decisions.  Smarter decisions lead to greater revenue, reduced loss expenses, and increased profits.  Mined Systems has industry specific years of experience, audit and study of receivables, fraud, and potential and realized losses.  The company also possesses the training and expertise to create:

  1. New models from the “ground up”
  2. Utilize its existing models to quickly produce output

Products include: 

  • Underwriting Model
  • Student Help Model
  • In-house Collections Model
  • In-house Pre-collect Model
  • Collection Agency Effectiveness Model
  • Legal Account Model
  • Attorney Profitability Model
  • Defaulted Student Rehabilitation Model
  • New Business Conversion Model

If you are interested in an existing or custom model, please contact us at 844-346-4633.